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These notices are generated by the Board of Directors and are provided for the information of all Wintergardens residents.


# Positive Tests/ Cases Confirmed: (11)

# Cases Active: (0)

# Cases Recovered:(11)


 The current surge of COVID cases and deaths has placed Arizona as one of the major hotspots in the world. To address this, we need to consider how we as individuals living in Wintergardens choose to meet this crisis. The following are some items to be considered:

 The current standard set by the Arizona State Health Department (ASHD) does not require additional testing of individuals after their quarantine time is completed. In our situation that includes shareholders, renters, and employees. To carry it further regarding our employees, their health records are confidential. Their clearance to return to work is set by the ASHD. The possibility of requesting a negative test is not required. If that were to be the reality all shareholders and renters who tested positive would also be have receive at negative to be here. A double standard cannot exist.

A mask mandate and social distancing might be considered in all “common areas”. Interestingly enough is the fact that the only areas which are not “common areas” within Wintergardens are the individual Units. Perhaps if everyone practices courtesy and adheres to the recommended mask wearing and social distancing protocols in a conscious manner many of our concerns and anxieties could be better managed

Activities is currently working with the BOD to secure and sort thru the available sources of information to keep everyone informed and updated as much as possible. Please assist in a helpful manner whenever ever you are able. Keep in mind that those who are doing this work are volunteers. You might even consider asking if you can assist them. We are all grateful for their efforts.

Wintergardens Board of Directors, 

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Wintergardens Board of Directors November 30, 2020


ATTENTION SHAREHOLDERS: Due to the COVID epidemic the current standing CVC Committee has worked together with the BOD to create a temporary on-site CVC Committee to work with the SHAREHOLDERS to meet the Compliance requirements as outlined in our WINTERGARDENS HANDBOOK OF RULES AND REGULATIONS for all affected construction related activities and the LANDSCAPE GUIDELINES FOR ROAD PROTECTION.  The onsite Committee consists of: Jerry Hill as Temporary Director; the members are Byron Broeder, Mike Clift, John Gest and upon his return Duane Pionk.

If you have a project that you desire to do there are APPLICATION TO COMPLIANCE VARIANCE COMMITTEE Forms available in the Office. Please pick one up and fill it out following the indicated instructions. If you have any questions, please contact one of the Committee members for assistance. Turn the Application back into the Office by close of business on a Monday.  On the following Tuesday, the Committee will pick any applications and meet with the Shareholder(s) at their Unit to review and discuss any possible needed suggestions to meet the Regulation standards or Landscape guidelines.  If the findings meet the necessary Standards or Guidelines the Application form can be signed off on by the Committee and authorization will be given to proceed.  If there are special concerns that need to be addressed the Application will be presented to the BOD for additional review and possible consideration. Our Regulations are based on Local    Building Codes, Fire and Safety Ordinances and Access Requirements all of which must be observed. Thank you for your assistance in these processes.

October 26, 2020:

To all shareholders and renters. This year the scheduled annual trimming of the palms was thrown a curve by Mother Nature. To explain, the schedule is determined based on past history. Our time slot was setup, but the seeds dropped earlier about one month plus earlier than anticipated. The normal cleanup was done, however there may be seed pods in the grass of your lawn. As you prepare your lawn for the fall overseed process please rake up the pods and dispose of them if you find they are present. 
thank you.

October and November shareholder meetings have been cancelled to allow for appropriate meeting logistics setup and notification to shareholders.

October 2020

Office Hours:      Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

                                Closed on weekends

Gate Hours:         Monday to Sunday: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Exit Gate (Ave B)    Automatically opens. Exit only.

Pool Hours:        Monday to Sunday: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

                              No more than 10 people in pool area at one time

Clubhouse:        Front door access same as Office hours.

                              Back door access same as Security Check hours.



Park Activities – limited activities are available for all Park Residents only starting November 23, 2020. Please follow all Arizona and Yuma County COVID-19 restrictions. Wear masks, 6 foot social distancing and washing hands.

Any questions concerning Activities please contact a Board Member or an Activities Committee member: Mel Whitney #106, or Janis Keeley #24 or Don Walker #94.