Park Information

Wintergardens Co-op is a 55+, pet free Park with 180 units / spaces. The Park is very well-maintained with grassed areas and palm lined streets. Our Park fees are very affordable because we are a Co-op. Shareholders participate in the decision-making process by having a say and a vote in how the Park is being operated, and on any proposed major expenditures.

Many Shareholders volunteer their time and talents towards the 50 plus activities and various beautification and maintenance projects. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 7 members who are elected by the Shareholders and are responsible for the overall operation of the Park.

What is a Co-op? A Co-op….

  • is a non-profit corporation that issues shares in the park
  • is where shareholders have undivided ownership of 1/180 of entire park and have a proprietary lease for a specific space
  • is governed by a Board of Directors
  • is directed by the By-Laws of the Corporation
  • is guided by Co-op Rules and Regulations written by shareholders and approved by the Board of Directors
  • provides a pleasant lifestyle at a reasonable cost
  • has community facilities
  • is where Shareholders volunteer to participate in and coordinate park activities